Android app tells you when Facebook pals unfriend you

Figure out who betrayed your social network-based bond

Receive notification: Seek vengeance.

A new Android app will monitor your Facebook account and inform you when some no good Judas goes on a friend-cull and deletes your from their social network circle.

Unfriend Watch will let you know who exactly thinks they're above having you on their Facebook friends list and send you a notification when they cut you lose. The notification will feature the person's name and profile picture and let you look at their profile.

App creator, Alex Guberman, of Cupertino-based Digi-Q says: "It’s kind of a ‘dis’ nowadays to unfriend someone. So, naturally most people want to know when that happens to them. When you download our app you will be able to find out when you lose a friend on Facebook right away."

The app could lead to many hurt feelings, so if you're the type who would get upset by that friend of your ex deleting you then best steer clear. However if you want to carry out acts of vengeance against the so-called friend who cut you lose, it's perfect for spotting their social network-based treachery.

Alternatively for those who don't need the self-worth-boost you could experiment with how many friends you lose each time you post politically charged status updates.

This is the second stalker-ish Facebook app to launch in the last couple of days. The web-based Facebook Breakup Notifier will tell you when one of your spoken-for female friends is single again so you can swoop in.

Link: ibtimes