Android app news: Tesco shopping trolley satnav

Calculates the shortest way to your items

Always spending half an hour looking for the Cadbury's Mini Rolls? Tesco comes to the rescue with Android sat-nav app.

Tesco has announced that it is trialing a satnav application for your shopping trolley to enable you to find items from your shopping list more easily.

The Android-only app will guide shoppers around a map of the store using the GPS signal on your smartphone and calculate the shortest and fastest route to picking up all of the items on your shopping list.

All you need to do is make the list on your handset before you enter the store and the app will do the rest. It'll even allow you to send a list to friends so they can do your shopping for you.

The app is being trialed at one Tesco Extra store in with a view to rolling it out nationwide if it proves to be popular among shoppers. It'll be interesting to see just how accurate the application is. You'd have to assume that in order to be that precise, Tesco must be placing GPS receivers all over the store.

You can't currently download the app on the Android Marketplace, you'll need to join a testing group via the Tesco technology blog.

Link: Tesco (via Telegraph)