Android app news: Samsung Smart TV app launched

Watch content from your Smart TV on your Android handset

Great companion app, but you'll need a Galaxy S II to make it work.

Samsung has launched a great little mobile companion for its butt-kicking range of Smart TVs that will allow users to transfer footage between their TV sets and their Samsung Android handset

The Samsung Smart View app, which sadly is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S II (with other Samsung devices like the Galaxy Tab to follow) let's viewers send content over Wi-Fi from the Smart TV to the phone.

It doesn't matter whether you're streaming content from the internet, watching a Blu-ray, good old regular TV or even footage from their camcorder; it can all be sent to the Galaxy SII.

The transfer needs to take place over the same Wi-Fi Network, so it's perfect if you want to carry on watching when you're in another room.

So next time your bowels go during an Andy Murray 5-setter at Wimbledon you won't have to miss the moment when he inevitably limps out with a double fault.

While the Samsung press release claims you can watch on the 'device of your choice' that's not really the case is it? This is a great little app and it would be nice to see Samsung loosen-up and make it available to all of the Android community.

After all, isn't the idea to encourage more people to buy the excellent Samsung Smart TVs rather than make existing Smart TV owners buy Samsung Phones?

Link: Samsung