Android app news: Plants vs Zombies coming May 30th

Massively popular iPhone game to hit Android Market

Amazon app store exclusivity could hit UK users, though.

One of the most popular mobile games of all-time, Plants vs Zombies, will finally arrive on the Android Market later this month.

The defence strategy game, in which you fend off the undead using plantlife toting various repellents, has been a massive hit on the iPhone since it launched in February 2010 and now Android fans will be able to get in on the action too.

The bad news for UK-based Android handset owners is that the release will be exclusive to the Amazon Android app store, which is yet to launch on these shores. Amazon will offer the title free of charge for the first week and then $2.99 thereafter.

Developer PopCap has signed an exclusive deal with Amazon to sell games through its app store, which means there'll be no love for the Android Market at this point Whether this will be different for the UK Market remains to be seen.

A couple of months back, UK Android users were forced to wait for Angry Birds Rio after Amazon tied up initial exclusivity. Let's hope that a deal can be hashed out to ensure that us Brits don't miss out on this great game.

Link: Gizmocrunch