Android app news: Official Scrabble app finally arrives

Android owners can battle iOS users in cross-platform play

With an free, official Scrabble app, is the game up for Words With Friends?

Team Apple and the Android Army have been going at each other all year, but now the two stables can settle their differences in more civilised fashion - on the Scrabble board.

Yes, Hasbro and EA have finally launched an official Scrabble app for Android which will allow cross-platform battles between Google phones, iDevices like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and Facebook gamers can rage on.

It's easy to track down your dictionary deficient foe by username or email and up to 50 games at a time can be played over Wi-Fi and 3G. If your battery dies amid frenzied word-making, the app will save your last word.

The arrival of an official Scrabble app threatens the dominance of the Words With Friends imitator which has enabled free, cross-platform play for some time now.

The app is free to download, (while the iPhone version is £1.79 and the iPad HD iteration is £5.99) from the Android Market.

Link: Android Market