Android app news: NASA app launches as final shuttle lands

Trawl the history of the Space Program with this official app

The space program is officially over, but here's a mighty cool official app from NASA.

As the illustrious NASA Space Program draws to a close with the final landing of Atlantis, the Space Agency has launched an official application for Android.

The NASA App features "a huge collection of stunning images, videos, mission information and news" as well as live streaming from the NASA TV service.

The app also features current mission information and countdown clocks - although with the Space Shuttle Program on the outs, that content might be a little bit thin on the ground.

The free app also provides information on when the International Space Station will be visible in your local and you can also track the position of the ISS and other earth orbiting satellites as they pass above us.

Naturally there's social networking integration, including access to the Agency's Twitter feed and the ability to share content on your own Twitter and Facebook pages.

The app is available now for Android, iPhone and iPad and is a free download for all platforms. It looks like an absolute belter, but the timing of its launch is ironic to say the least.

Link: Telegraph