Android App News: LOVEFiLM queue app lands, no streaming

Android finally gets a LOVEFiLM app, but don't get too excited...

LOVEFiLM has ponied up with an official app for the Android plaform, but you won't be able to stream movies, simply manage your rentals. With Netflix breathing down its neck, is this launch enough?

Just weeks after launching an excellent iPad streaming app, LOVEFiLM has finally embraced the Android platform, but only with an app that allows you to manage your rental queue.

In a move that's more likely to annoy users of Google's smartphone and tablet platform than please them, there's no on-demand streaming cabailities for LOVEFiLM users built into this version of the app.

What the app does offer is a host of movie trailers and film information and the option to add titles to your wishlist when they pop into your head on the go.

Streaming providers have traditionally been wary of allowing content on to the Android platform as it's seen as less secure and controlled than the iOS ecosystem.

However Netflix, the US based streaming service arriving in the UK in early 2012, boasts the full spectrum of Android and iOS streaming apps, so the Amazon-owned British-based LOVEFiLM would be wise to consider upgrading to a fully-functional streaming app.

Things are warming up for the Android platform in terms of providing on-demand content. Android beat the iPhone to a BBC iPlayer app, whiile Sky confirmed last week that SkyGo will eventually arrive on Android.

Link: Android Market (via TechRadar)