Android App News: 'Is My Son Gay?' app removed

Google removes offensive app from the Android Market

The 'Is My Son Gay?' app for Android claims to adopt a playful approach to helping parents deal with questions surrounding their offspring's sexuality. However, activist groups and Google have deemed it offensive

Google has removed an app called 'Is My Son Gay?' from the Android Market after complaints from gay rights groups.

The simple 'Is My Son Gay?' application asked the user twenty yes/no questions, which of course relied heavily on stereotypes likes 'Does he read the sports pages?' and 'Does he like Diva singers?.'

The French developers of the app told the Huffington Post: "This app was conceived with a playful approach. It is not based at all on scientific research."

"Through humor, 'Is My Son Gay?' and the forthcoming novel have the sole objective of toning down/improving the situation and helping mothers to accept their sons' homosexuality."

However, following protests from activist group, Google has removed the app from the Android Market, simply saying: "We remove apps that violate our policies."

The move comes a month after a similar app called 'Jew or Not Jew' was removed from the App Store in France.

Link: CNET, Huffington Post