Android app news: HTC launches OpenSense SDK

Sense-specific apps coming to the Android Market

Is Android fragmentation becoming an even greater concern?

We've long been a proponent of the HTC Sense UI here at T3. It's so often the sweet icing on top of that tasty Android cake that allows the company's handsets to sneak above the rest and now it could be about to get better with some third-party love.

HTC is now encouraging developers to create apps specific to Sense 3.0 through a newly-announced HTCDev programme and the launch of the OpenSense SDK.

The Taiwanese giant has already scored some big partners for the scheme, with a Google's Picassa app connecting to your Gallery application, while it has also jumped into bed with LinkedIn and Gameloft. Others are sure to follow.

The move could see a host of new apps and widgets become exclusively available to HTC handset owners, with phones running HTC Sense 3.0 and above.

It's great news for HTC fans, but with high-level concerns from OEMs, developers and users that the open source Android platform is already way too fragmented, compared to Apple's tightly-controlled iOS, HTC's move isn't exactly a step in the right direction.

Sony Ericsson has already set aside a portion of the Android Market for its own PlayStation Certified games, while there's also a host of apps that are only available to handsets running the dual-core Tegra 2 chip.

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