Android app news: Hotmail app now available

Push email from Microsoft comes to Google phones

Microsoft's bid to modernise Hotmail comes to Android with a new, free app offering push email, contact and calendar syncing and the chance to integrate multiple accounts. Can Hotmail make a comeback?

There's a certain stigma attached to Microsoft's Hotmail these days. The former king of web-based email is considered uncool, lacking functionality and most have us have abandoned our accounts due to an overwhelming amount of junk mail.

Microsoft is looking to remedy that and reclaim some of the pie swallowed whole by Gmail by taking the battle to Google's own Android smartphone platform.

Hotmail for Android is now available to download from the Android Market.

It features push alerts, support for multiple accounts as well as easy contact and calendar syncing. Like Gmail, you can easily attach and send pictures.

Will an Android Hotmail app be enough for you to give the old guard another try? Microsoft is also looking to eliminate "greymail" meaning you should see a cut down in the amount of junk that finds its way to your inbox so it might be worth checking out.

Link: Android Market