Android App News: Coders to launch rogue app store

CyanogenMod to host a house of ill repute for canned Android apps

Builders of the CyanogenMod ROM for Android phones are planning an app store to house unapproved apps like console emulators and tethering applications

The brains behind the custom Android ROM known as CyanogenMod are planning to launch an app store to give new life to those thrown off the Android Market.

The planned CyanogenMod store would be similar to the Cydia app store for jailbroken iOS devices in that it would also host those applications more suited to rooted devices.

The store would offer access to applications that simplify the processes of rooting Android handsets, but also those console emulators that Google lashed-out of the Android Market some time ago and those allowing for data tethering to computers without paying the monthly fees.

The planned CyanogenMod App Store is still in the conception stage at the moment, but the brains behind it came up with the idea after being unimpressed with Amazon's own version of the Android Market.

Link: DigitalSpy