Android app news: Google Docs native app launched

Turns photos into editable documents

Another brilliant-looking native app from Google.

Google has launched a version of its Google Docs cloud-based office suite for Android phones.

The free Google Docs for Android app makes it easy to create new and view your existing documents without going through the rigmarole of using the web browser.

The real ace though is the new feature which allows users to take photos of existing physical texts and have them instantly converted into an editable document thanks to the optical character recognition (OCR) tech on board. It's not yet able to recognise handwriting, but don't be at all surprised if Google adds that feature at some point in the future.

Google Docs for Android boasts a brilliantly clean UI and allows you to view your spreadsheets and documents within the app, but unfortunately if you want to edit your existing documents then you're going to need to use the mobile web version. A slight oversight, but we're delighted to be able to have our cloud documents on tap.

The app's menu sorts your documents into sections, with All items, Collections and Starred sections, as well as the opportunity to view presentations. There's even a neat little desktop widgets for even faster access.

Like Google Maps Navigation, Google Translate, Google Voice, Google Goggles, Google Maps and Google Books, Google Docs is another free native application from the Android crew that's destined to go straight to the top of the Android app chart.

Link: Android Market