Android app news: Google bans console emulators

No more classic retro titles on your Android handset

Google goes on emulator deleting spree.

Google has taken the somewhat surprising step of deleting some of the most popular video game console emulators from the Android Market.

Emulators, which allow users to launch ROM games from consoles of yesteryear like the SNES, Gameboy, Atari and Megadrive, through their Android devices have proved a hit with gaming fans since the launch of Android.

But now Google seems to have taken a stance against emulators, by removing SNesoid, Gameboid and also the family of apps developed by Yong Zhang, without any explanation.

It's a strange decision from Google, because emulators have added some much needed gaming prowess to the Android platform, when it lags a million miles behind iOS in terms of offering a competitive gaming experience.

Owning an emulator is not illegal and doesn't appear to be in violation of the Android T&Cs so perhaps the plans to add games from the PlayStation Store to the Android Market are dictating the policy.

Either way, we're sad to kiss goodbye to Super Mario Bros, Sonic and many other classic retro titles on our Android handsets.

Link: VentureBeat