Android app news: Ghosttown streams every song free

New app could put iCloud and Music Beta in the shade

Forget Music Beta, if Ghosttown turns out to be legal, it's the best music app on Android, bar none.

A music streaming app that almost defies belief with its amazingness has landed on the Android Market this week allowing instant streaming of any song you desire for free.

The Ghosttown app for Android scours the web for freely available tracks and when it finds a match, it streams it to your device, with a lightning-fast service that rivals Spotify's £10 a month Premium mobile app for its efficiency.

Simply search for an artist and within seconds you'll be presented with a pretty complete discography of that artist (we did a quick search for Foo Fighters and it brought back 12 full albums, including various compilations).

From there you can listen to single songs or full albums, skipping through songs just like you would in your Android Music application, complete with album artwork. You can add songs to playlists and favourites, both of which are instantly available.

The app description claims that it's like having an infinite iPod on your handset and its hard to disagree. The only minor quibbles would be that Ghosttown is prone to the occasional crash and that the quality of some tracks isn't top notch, but this app is free and can put any song you desire in the palm of your hand (an ad-free version can be downloaded for about 63p).

There's also no monthly limit on how much music you can play and if you're doing so over Wi-Fi you can have a musical companion all day every-day.

We have to wonder about the legality of this service though. Surely it must be breaking some musical copyright laws somewhere along the way? We hope it's on the level and manages to stick around, because on the surface, it's a massively impressive music streaming app. Get it now, it might not be around for too long.

Link: Android Market