Android App News: Free Carrier IQ detector launched

App will tell you whether tracking software is running on your Android handset

The Carrier IQ smartphone tracking issue has raised fears that Android, Windows, BlackBerry and iOS devices are recording your every move. Here's an app that can tell you whether the tracking software is running on your device

An Android app developer has responded to the recent Carrier IQ controversy by releasing an app which will detect whether the tracking software is running on your handset.

The free Voodoo Carrier IQ detector is free to download from the Android Market and will examine your handset's software to "help you find out as easily as possible if your Android device hosts CarrierIQ rootkit or not."

The app, which gives your device a "Detection score", is still a work in progress, with developer "Supercurio" admitting that results may not be 100 per cent accurate. The creator says he will launch updates and is willing to collaborate with others in order to improve the app's success rate.

Carrier IQ's software, which is installed on many of the main operating systems, has caused a wave of privacy fears in the tech world over allegations that that it records your keystrokes and SMS messages and reporting back to its customers.

The company says, it's simply a diagnostics too which "improves the quality of the network, understand device issues, and ultimately improve the user experience."

While the new app will help you detect whether your most intimate details are being reported to your network and manufacturer, it cannot help you remove the software. That can only be done through rooting the device.

Link: Android Market (via CNET)