Android app news: doubleTwist adds AirPlay

Yes, you heard right. AirPlay on Android

Android fans get in on the AirPlay action.

Android phone owners will now be able to stream music, videos and photos to their Apple TV box thanks to a new piece of functionality added to the doubleTwist media player app.

The doubleTwist AirSync app for Android brings all of your favourite smartphone content to the Apple TV in the same way that iOS users are able to easily stream to their set-top companion.

The app already features the ability to stream content to your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, while pairing with your Mac and PC for easy access to that content.

The app is free to download, but if you want to add the AirPlay streaming then it'll cost you a one-off, in-app fee of $5 (£2.99) and then you're all set for AirPlay and integration with your iTunes library.

Of course, videos, photos and music all have to be in an Apple friendly format, like MP4, but the doubleTwist app is already a massive favourite and this is just going to increase its repuation as the best Android media player out there.

Link: doubleTwist (via Engadget)