Android app news: Cut the Rope makes Android debut

Hit iOS title comes to Android as a GetJar exclusive

Lovable monster Om Nom jumps over the Apple/Android divide

Android owners can finally get their hands on one of the cutest-yet-most-addictive games iOS has ever offered, following the launch of Cut The Rope.

Cut The Rope sees the lovable, candy-hungry monster Om Non bring his quest for sweeties to Android, with the title available to download exclusively from the GetJar app store. It's ad-supported and hence free to download.

For those unfamiliar with this multi-award-winning application, the idea is to drop the candy directly into the mouth of Om Nom by cutting the strings that prevent his lazy rear-end from getting it himself.

As you 'cut the rope' the candy will swing towards him and you'll need to collect up to three stars as you go. There's all manner of bubbles and shooters dotted around the levels to help you along the way.

Cut The Rope is the latest iPhone classic to finally make its way over to the Android platform. In recent months we've seen the likes of Plants vs Zombies and Fruit Ninja.

Most of these titles have been exclusive to the new Amazon Appstore, but GetJar has stolen a march on this one.

Link: GetJar (via Engadget)