Android App News: CloudMagic is your personal search engine

Indexes your tweets, emails and documents for easy recall

A new Spotlight-esque app for Android smartphones allows you to search your essential Google Apps and Twitter account in record-setting time

CloudMagic is a new app for Android-powered devices, which offers ultra-fast search across a host of apps on your smartphone or tablet.

The free CloudMagic app indexes your tweets, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Apps, Calendar and Contacts apps on your handset, making it easier and faster to find the content you need on your smartphone. In that regard, it works like the Spotlight application for Mac OS X.

Searches, which can be typed or spoken via a homescreen widget, can be confined to a single application, like Gmail, or plough through the whole lot in order to find matches across the range of apps.

Results will enable easy actions like reply or retweet and will be neatly separated into the various categories.

The app doesn't yet support Facebook searches, but you feel that with the addition of the social network, it would become a must-have app for the Android platform.

Via: Gizmodo