Android app news: Canon DSLR Controller app wows

App allows unlimited control over your DSLR

One of the most inventive apps we've seen in a while.

A developer from the inventive XDA forum has produced a DSLR Controller app using his Samsung Galaxy S II and Canon EOS camera.

The DSLR Controller allows pretty much unprecedented access to the camera's functionality through the touchscreen of the Android smartphone, just by hooking up the two devices through a USB Host cable.

The gorgeous homemade app, which is now available on the Android Market, allows you to see a live view from the viewfinder, and offers easy access to settings like exposure, white balance, zoom, ISO speed and apeture, through simple touchscreen controls.

Better still, you can use the touchscreen to change the point of focus, just like you do on the iPhone and, of course, take pictures.

The app is still in beta at the moment and will only work on handsets that have a USB Host capability (That means the Galaxy SII and some Honeycomb tablets) and with Canon DSLRs.

It's still early days, so this app is bound to become available for more devices and more cameras in the future. Check it out in the video below.

Link: Android Market (via Techcrunch)