Android App News: Call of Duty Elite launched

Performance tracking service makes the jump to Google-powered handsets

The Call of Duty Elite service has arrived on Android phones allowing users to track their multiplayer performance and adjust tactics on the go

Activision has launched its Call of Duty Elite tracking app for Android phones, a week after it launched for iPhone.

The free app, which requires a free or premium subscription to the Call of Duty Elite service and recently played multiplayer matches, brings in-depth statistical analysis from your Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network match-ups to your Android phone.

The app allows you to create new strategies based on your performance, while changes will be transferred directly over to the game next time you switch on Modern Warfare 3. The Elite app comes loaded with masses of stats, while offering access to maps, kill-streaks, perks and equipment.

There's also the opportunity to track your Challenge progress "to ensure you're always working toward the highest XP gains."

An iPad edition is still in the works.

Link: CVG