Android App Market still lags behind Apple App store

Fifth of paid Android apps downloaded 100 times

80% of paid apps in the Android Market are downloaded less than 100 times.

Figures show that only 20% of the Apps in the Android Market that have to be paid for are downloaded over 100 times.

The Android App market has constantly survived in the Apple App store shadow and the latest revelation show that this trend is continuing.

The 80% of paid apps that were downloaded over 100 times included the infamous Google Maps; the most downloaded app on Android with over 50million downloads.

In fact, only 96 applications have been downloaded over 5million times according to recently released figures from Distimo.

Further numbers suggested that free apps were much more frequently downloaded; with 75% numbering over 100 downloads.

Apple’s App store has recently announced it contains half a million apps, compared to the estimated 375,000 available in the Android marketplace.

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Link: Distimo