Android app ads a huge drain on smartphone battery life

Free apps good for the wallet, but cause up to 75 per cent of battery loss

Nobody likes mobile ads, but free and ad-supported apps can often save you a few pennies. However, those freebies are drinking your battery life dry, according to new research

Mobile advertisements within free Android apps like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope are dramatically contributing to the rapidly-diminishing batteries on top-line handsets, according to new research.

Results from a Perdue University investigation suggest that advertisements can be responsible for a massive 75 per cent of app-related battery loss.

The group, which conducted the research in collaboration with Microsoft tested free versions of Angry Birds, Free Chess, MapQuest, the New York Times app and the Android web browser on a Google Nexus One handset.

They found that 70 per cent of the battery life consumed by Angry Birds arose from information being uploaded in the background (tracking your location and so forth) and the displaying of ad content in the foreground.

ZDnet reports that ads alone were were to blame for 70 per cent of cellular drain while using the Free Chess app, while user tracking was a 15 per cent drain while using the Android Browser and the New York Times app.

The research, which was conducted using a specially-developed energy profiling tool, puts the surprising figures down to poorly coded app modules and the team hopes its results will encourage developers to create more efficient apps.

So, the moral of the story is, while the free ad-supported version of the application may save you a 69p, it'll dramatically reduce your chances of making it home from work with your battery life still in tact.

Via: ZDnet