Android 3.0 set to hit tablets in December

New version of OS primed for slew of gadgets at CES

Samples good-to-go by end of year ahead of string of new tablets arriving in Las Vegas.

Android 3.0 will be ready to rock on engineering samples of the latest tablets by December. That’s according to Digitimes, which says insiders at PC makers are shaping up to try out the new OS before touting it on new products at CES in January.

Word is that the Galaxy Tab will be first in line to receive the boost to Gingerbread, with iPad rivals from HTC, MSI, Asus, Acer and Motorola all set to come loaded with the new operating system too.

The suggestion is each of these new efforts will be touted at the annual gadget megashow in Las Vegas, before going on sale later in 2011. In further news, Digitimes also claims that Android 4.0 will be landing in late 2011.

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Via Digitimes