Android 3.0 postponed as Honeycomb to launch as 2.4

Google's Honeycomb OS to launch as 2.4 instead of 3.0?

Honeycomb to be a 0.1 update

The next rendition of Google’s Android mobile operating system, Honeycomb, is to launch in February as Android 2.4 not Android 3.0 as previously thought, new rumours have suggested.

Demoed on the upcoming Motorola tablet by Google’s Andy Rubin recently, Honeycomb, which will feature a more tablet friendly UI, is believed by Android and Me to be preparing for launch at Mobile World Congress 2011 as nothing more than a 0.1 generation update.

The source for this unexpected revelation is a third party Android working software developer who, according to Android and Me, “wish to remain anonymous, but I can say they have provided me accurate information in the past and I consider them trustworthy.”

Although somewhat of a surprise that Honeycomb might not be released as Android 3.0, a moniker Google is seemingly saving for a heftier release, it was previously believed that the Android 2.3 OS, Gingerbread, would launch as 3.0. Released earlier this month and currently restricted to the Google Nexus S handset, Gingerbread is expected to roll out across a range of compatible handsets in the coming weeks.

Whilst Google has yet to declare exactly what version of its mobile OS Honeycomb will be, the internet and software giant has already outed the codename name of its follow-up release, with focus now turning to Ice Cream possibly touting the 3.0 label.

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Via: AndroidandMe