Analyst: Android now number 2 smartphone OS

Google beats RIM into second place while Symbian stakes top spot

New Gartner research suggests Android is set for lengthy time at the top.

New research by analyst types Gartner has confirmed that Android is now the second most popular smartphone OS out there, trailing only the ailing Symbian. The new figures put Android 17.7 per cent, just 0.2 per cent ahead of RIM. Symbian is currently at 40.1 per cent, although this is forecast to drop significantly in the coming years.

By next year, Gartner reckons Android will rise 22.2 per cent, while Symbian will drop to 34.2 per cent per cent. Apple’s iOS is set to steal in and take third place with 17.1 per cent compared to RIM’s measly 15 per cent.

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But by 2014, Gartner seems to think Symbian will still rule the roost, but with Android breathing down its neck. Both are expected to corner 30.2 and 29.6 per cent respectively, with iOS way back in third still.

Of course, numbers for 2011 and 2014 are all crystal ball-gazing. But it appears Google’s plans to dominate the world of top-end mobiles is going rather swimmingly.

Via Gartner