Amazon's rumoured set-top box will be a streaming stick

It'll stream games too, rumours say

Amazon has been rumoured to have a set-top box up its sleeve for some time now, but now comes word its streaming gadget might be a dongle instead.

Previous rumours said Amazon's device would be similar to the Apple TV, but a source has told TechCrunch this isn't the case. Rather, it'll be similar to Google's Chromecast, or Roku's Streaming Stick.

The device could stream video games to your TV too, so it could compete with consoles like the Xbox One and PS4.

The source says the device will stream games from Amazon's services at 30fps – that's about the same as most online video.

It sounds a bit like OnLive, the streaming service that let you play high-end games on your phone or tablet. OnLive couldn't afford to keep its service running however, due to the high cost of operating high-capacity servers.

Amazon isn't shy of a pretty penny, so maybe it will succeed where OnLive failed.

Over the weekend, an image of an Amazon-branded games controller leaked online. While it's likely its streaming stick will promote its Prime Instant Video movie service – and its rumoured music streaming offering – games could play a big part in Amazon's entertainment assault too.

Source TechCrunch