Amazon to take on Apple with own Siri rival

Amazon buys voice recognition firm Yap as rumours circulate around Siri rival

Online retailer Amazon looks set to once again take on bitter rival Apple with the Kindle Fire manufacturer purchasing a voice recognition company in an attempt to take on the Siri personal assistant found within the iPhone 4S.

The new reports come after local media in Charlotte, Illinois in the US came across a filing suggesting the retail behemoth had snapped up Yap, a start-up company specialising in voice-to-text recognition technologies.

Whilst Amazon has yet to formally confirm the deal, the buyout of Yap would bring the Kindle creator in line with the likes of Google which has been pioneering voice-to-text technology as both companies go after Apple and it's widely acclaimed, recently released, voice commanded personal assistant Siri.

Siri Issues

Whilst Siri has been widely lorded for its almost uncanny ability to hold the better part of a conversation and complete a number of useful tasks such as scheduling diary appointments, searching the web and dictating emails, notes and messages, it hasn’t been without its issues.

Whilst Scottish users have reported Siri cannot understand their accents, security concerns were raised when it was found unwanted access could be gained through Siri whilst handsets are locked and passcode protected.

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Via: TechRadar