Amazon to open high-street store in Seattle?

Physical store to help give company 'human element'

Following in the footsteps of eBay here in the UK and Barnes and Noble in the US, Amazon could well be set to unveil a physical store of high-end products

According to the Huffington Post Amazon's first high street store could be just a few months away with the flagship store opening in the company's starting point Seatlle.

Sources such as Good E-Reader believe the shop will contain a range of high-end boutique items, while others believe the site will be a focal point for the Kindle and other Amazon products, lending real faces to the support of their devices.

It would certainly make sense that the company is looking to support the Kindle range as much as possible after it was revealed that Amazon's quarterly profits were much lower than expected with the company having invested huge amounts in the Amazon Kindle Fire.

While it's not known the exact details surrounding Amazon's latest Android tablet it is believed that the company is selling them at a loss, following the same tactics they did with the original Kindle.

With no confirmation from Amazon it looks like we'll have to wait and see if there are indeed to be physical Amazon stores appearing anytime soon.

Source: Huffington Post