Amazon to introduce unlimited movie streaming service?

On-demand movie and TV subscriptions from Amazon

Amazon to challenge Apple and Google with own subscription streaming service

Online retailer Amazon is reportedly readying a mass expansion of its on-demand streaming service in the US adding an ‘all-you-can-eat’ style movie and TV content for subscribers.

Speculation surrounding the improved service, that would actively challenge Netflix and Hulu in the States, comes following reports that the Kindle creator has been in talks with a number of media companies and productions studios over content including Time Warner, CBS and Viacom.

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With already offering its American users a number of TV shows and Movies in a video-on-demand format with prices starting at just $1.99 per item, it is believed the new service would offer unlimited user content streaming for a monthly or annual subscription fee.

With Apple expected to announce its new plans for Apple TV at its ‘Special Event’ later today, and with Google and Sony actively pursuing streaming subscriptions, rumours surrounding Amazon’s intents on the on-demand market suggest a hotly contested battle on the tech horizon.

It is not know whether Amazon would be looking to introduce this new on-demand streaming service to the UK. For all the latest news surrounding the expected Amazon TV service follow T3 via Facebook and Twitter.