Amazon to delve into web TV

Amazon signs up John Goodman and Bill Murray for planned show pilots

Amazon has revealed that it plans to make pilot episodes for 11 planned shows and it has signed up the talents of Bill Murray and John Goodman

Amazon has announced that it's commissioned a selection of big-budget high-end television shows set for release some time in the spring. The shows with then be made into series or shelved, depending on the reaction they get from audiences.

The online retailer has demonstrated its serious intent by signing some A-list Hollywood talent to star in these shows; one of them, which currently has the working title Alpha House, is set to star John Goodman - who appeared in The Big Lebowksi and Argo - and Bill Murray.

"I'm always worried I'm going to be in a YouTube Video,” said Goodman.“But this is just the same as a TV set - full production values, great director, good technical people."

Amazon has now joined Netflix in releasing their own TV series in an attempt to attract traditional television audiences away from terrestrial TV channels and onto their streaming media services. Netflix recently released a remake of the dark political series, House Of Cards, which starred Kevin Spacey and was directed by David Fincher, who helmed films such as Moneyball, Fight Club and The Social Network. The project, which cost $100m to make and saw all of the series' episodes released at once, was an unqualified success according to Netflix's vice president of innovation, Todd Yelin.