Amazon tablet release to see 10-inch LCD display inclusion

Mooted Amazon tablet to directly challenge Apple iPad 2

Amazon to follow Kindle success with 10-inch LCD tablet

Amazon’s widely expected and heavily rumoured upcoming tablet release will see the retail giant launch an iPad rival with a 10-inch LCD display, new reports have suggested.

Whilst Amazon is reported to be one of the many companies pioneering screen technology that would allow users to seamlessly switch between E-ink style and full colour LCD displays, such technologies are still believed to be a number of years off commercial inclusion.

As such Amazon has reportedly plumped for a 10-inch LCD display for its inaugural tablet device with a smaller 7-inch model expected to follow suit. As well as sporting a hefty 10-inch LCD screen, the Amazon tablet is said to be lining up the inclusion of an Nvidia Tegra quad-core CPU in order to surpass Apple’s iPad 2 in processing power.

Looking to succeed where all other Android tablet’s have failed and truly challenge the market dominance of Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 devices, Amazon is expected to fill its first tablet with Google’s Android 3.1 OS in time for a pre-Christmas rush release.

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Via: TechRadar