Amazon tablet price to see loss made on each device

Amazon tablet to be a loss leader to push digital sales

Amazon tablet release date to see retailer launch loss leader in order to secure market share and push digital sales

Ahead of the expected October Amazon tablet release date latest reports have suggested the online retailer is to take a loss on each tablet sold in order to secure high sales.

A report from PC Mag has claimed that Amazon is to sell its repeatedly rumoured Android tablet as a loss maker with profits to be recouped through sales of apps, eBooks and music from the company’s respective digital stores.

With the Amazon Kindle currently dominating the eReader market, the retailer is expected to release an iPad challenger ahead of the Christmas period with a 10-inch device to be bolstered by the company’s recently launched Android Appstore.

"If Amazon provides a product that is sold under cost with the goal of making up the rest of the cost and profit from apps, services, and even advertising, it could give all of the other Android vendors a serious run for their money," the PC Mag report read.

Will we see an Amazon tablet this side of the festive period? Will it be able to compete with the Apple iPad 2? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: PCMag | Via: TechRadar