Amazon shares statistics on growing Appstore and Kindle Fire

Company focuses on gaming platform

Amazon promotes growing gaming business at GDC in San Francisco, discussing statistics of its GameCircle social platform and other apps available in the Amazon Appstore

Amazon has focused on gaming, launching GameCircle last September alongside the Kindle Fire and Fire HD. The platform provides a social layer that influences competition between players.

According to Aaron Rubenson, director of the company's Appstore initiative, GameCircle-enabled games have 80 percent more revenue per user (RPU) than games without GameCircle enabled, Polygon reports.

Rubenson told a handful of developers and press at the conference that developers who included GameCircle would be a third more likely to convert free users to paid, and players are a third more likely to make in-app purchases.

Amazon have recently announced its Amazon Coins virtual currency, expected to launch in May. Amazon Coins will tie in to the Appstore for use on the Kindle Fire tablets. The currency can be purchased through an Amazon account and be used for games, apps and in-app purchases.

Concerns from indie developers about the way Amazon promotes and discounts their games were addressed by Rubenson who said the retailer has made changes to its policies in order to be more developer friendly.

These concerns came from the fact that Amazon, as a retailer, sell the games through their Amazon Appstore rather than the developers selling them themselves.

According to Polygon, Rubenson explained, "As we adjusted price, the developer's share scaled, but we changed those terms last year." These new terms mean developers receive 70 percent of the list price, regardless of discount.

Source: Polygon