Amazon reports $13.8 billion net sales, income down from 2011

Booming sales but worrisome drops in income for Kindle maker

Amazon has reported another booming first quarter of 2012, however this has been shadowed by the news that even Amazon has suffered from the recession

Amazon has reported $13.8 billion in net sales, up from $9.86 billion in Q1 of last year but in turn has announced a drop in net income blaming a 'unfavourable impact from year-over-year changes in foreign exchange rates'.

While it is true that the global recession has affected everyone, it has hit Amazon particularly hard with its global business reliant on economic stability throughout the globe.

That said the company has still made $130 million in just three months and has also pointed out that if these global setbacks hadn't occured then the company would have grown by a staggering 34 per cent.

Amazon's Kindle Fire Android tablet is arguably responsible for a lot of the company's success with Amazon pointing out that it remains one of the most popular Android tablet in the US.

Source: Engadget