Amazon MP3 overhaul planned?

Jobs postings point to new look music store

New look coming as Amazon looks to push its case as iTunes botherer.

Amazon MP3 is being primed for a complete new look. A new report suggests the online retail colossus is planning the move by telling partners to hold off on integrating the digital download store into their sites as it works on a rejigged platform for the start of 2011.

On top of that, Amazon is said to be looking for staff to work on the MP3 team, either as behind-the-scenes engineers or business types. Word is around 12 posts are being created, suggesting a big push can’t be that far away.

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While Amazon MP3 remains a cheap alternative to iTunes, with decent integration into Apple’s jukebox software, it’s still nowhere near top dog. Its site clearly needs some work, and with iTunes streaming in the offing, this could be the perfect time for a lick of paint.

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Via TechCrunch