Amazon lower price of new Kindle DX e-reader model

New Kindle DX gets improved screen contrast ratio

New Kindle species emerges from the Amazon

A new version of the Amazon Kindle e-reader has been launched in the US as the latest DX model slashes the price and improves the screen quality of its predecessor.

Currently exclusively available in the States, the new Amazon Kindle DX will offer free always-on 3G wireless coverage and will cost just $379 (£254), $110 less than the previous model.

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As well as hosting a price tag much nicer on the old purse strings, the new Kindle DX will boast a 9.7-inch screen with a contrast ration 50 per cent higher than the earlier DX model.

Whilst the price cuts to this new Kindle DX might be a response to the arrival of the iBooks touting Apple iPad, the cheapest of which retails for $499 in the US. Even with its improved contrast ratio bringing a clearer distinction between blacks and whites for an easier on the eye reading experience, the new Kindle DX will not be able to match the hugely impressive colour display of the Apple tablet.

Amazon has yet to announce plans for a UK launch of new Kindle DX so stay tuned to for all the latest on the e-readers European arrival. Alternatively, follow the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest gadget news, features and reviews.