Amazon launches rumoured Autorip service, stores music in the cloud

Embarrassing 90s CDs are back to haunt you

Amazon has launched its rumoured AutoRip service, which automatically gives users a free MP3 copy of any CDs they have purchased through the online retailer as far back as 1998

The service, which is exclusive to Amazon, will store a copy of any songs a customer has purchased since the launch of Amazon’s online store in 1998 as well as any future CDs purchased.

It automatically stores an MP3 in the cloud, using Amazon’s Cloud Player as well as making them available for download.

More than 50,000 albums - including titles from every major record label - are available for autorip, and Amazon is planning on adding more as the service grows.

Identifiable by the Autorip logo, when a user purchases an eligible CD they will no longer have to wait for it to be delivered, instead it will be available for immediate playback or download in an MP3 format.

Immediate playback will be available across a huge range of devices, including PC, Mac, Kindle Fire, Android and iOS devices as well as Samsung Smart TVs, Roku boxes and Sonos speakers and is provided in high-quality 256 Kbps MP3.

Amazon claims that in many cases, customers can buy an AutoRip CD, including the free digital copy, for less than they would pay for the digital album alone on rival Apple’s iTunes store.