Amazon launches Kindle Cloud Reader web app

Cuts out Apple altogether as book-selling middle man

Amazon abandons Apple with online Kindle reading.

After removing the link to the Kindle Store from the official iOS Kindle app at Apple's behest, Amazon have come up with a way to bypass Jobs & Co.'s App Store altogether: the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Amazon removed the link, which allowed users to browse for and purchase new ebooks from within the Kindle app, after a spat with Apple over its rules on in-app purchasing. Put simply, Apple doesn't allow it, unless the company that owns the apps turns over a share of the profits.

The Kindle Cloud Reader neatly sidesteps the need for the app at all. Now, Kindle users wanting to access their digital library need only go to to be greeted with an online version of Kindle. Users log in to the service with their Amazon account details, and then have access to every purchase they've made for reading on their desktop, laptop or iPad (iPhone and Android devices are currently not supported, but are reportedly on the way).

Currently, the Cloud Reader service is only available to those using Chrome or Safari (other browsers are met with a message saying the browser isn't supported yet). This makes the Cloud Reader available to anyone with a PC, Mac or Chromebook, and just to rub Apple's nose in it, iPad (on which it works almost indistinguishably from the iPad Kindle app). Web connection is also not essential, as the Cloud Reader features an offline mode so users can keep reading should their web access cut out just as the hero squares up to the evil uncle or starts getting squiffy with the princess.

Link: Kindle Cloud Reader