Amazon Kindle UK price hike explained

Online retailer says just why UK users have to pay £89 for e-reader that costs $79 Stateside

Amazon has explained just why UK users are having to pay almost double for the new, entry-level Kindle. But does its official statement cut it, or is this just another case of British gadget fans getting a raw deal?

Amazon’s new entry-level Kindle might only cost $79. But British gadget fans were astonished last night when it was revealed that the same basic device will cost £89 on these shores.

However, Amazon has said that the price point is not a case of UK users paying over the odds. In a statement, a company spokesperson said, “Operating costs differ by country, but as with all products on Amazon, we work hard to offer customers the lowest possible pricing. Regarding pricing, I would also like to clarify that the $79 Kindle includes special offers in the US.”

‘Special offers’ is Amazon’s euphemism for ads. The same e-reader without adverts costs $109 in the States, meaning the translation to £89 isn’t as absurd as it first seems.

Either way, it means the Kindle is now south of £100 for the first time. That should give key rivals in the e-book sector plenty to think about. Are you planning on getting a cut price Kindle? Tell us in the comments section now.

Link: TechRadar

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