Amazon Kindle tablet to run a tweaked version of Android

Mooted Kindle tablet to offer custom skin on Android OS

Could Amazon 'tweak' the Android OS Platform for the Kindle tablet?

Rumours on the potential Amazon Kindle tablet gathered strength today with speculation rife that the possible iPad challenger will run a skinned version of Google's Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.

Whilst specs for the mooted Kindle tablet remain a mystery, attention has turned to Amazon's software aspirations, with respected tech site ZDnet speculating today on the rumoured device running a tweaked version of Google's Android Platform.

The online giant has been steadily growing it's portable device based offering for a while, with it's portfolio now extending to Kindle for Android, the Amazon Appstore, Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon MP3 and Amazon Video. Could Amazon's aspirations also extend to creating it's own operating system, or 'Kindlebread' as ZDnet jokily refer to it?

The company has hired a whole army of Android programmers over the past year or so, many of whom were brought in to oversee the development of the online retailers App store and Cloud player. Reports now suggest, however, that the smae developers could also be tinkering with the code in Google's opensource Android platform to tweak it for their own device. It's possible, and perhaps the next logical step for the Seattle based company which is quickly becoming a thorn in Google's side.

At this stage, it's all just speculation, with tight lipped Amazon not even announcing that they are bringing out a tablet, let alone giving a date for the device's release. Expect more rumours as details leak out.

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Via: ZDNet