Amazon Kindle tablet PC set for release later this year

Source at manufacturer claims LCD-screened tab inbound

Will it run on Android or have its own bespoke OS?

The Amazon Kindle is a market leading device and the eReader charged with reviving the market, but it can’t compete with similarly shaped devices (such as the iPad) on any front other than reading. That’s where an Amazon-branded tablet PC would come in - it’s been rumoured to ship in the second half of 2011.

The gossip comes from DigiTimes, who claims that a source close to LCD display manufacturer Quanta is expecting to produce the key components at a volume of around 700,000 units per month, as of H2 2011. The device is also rumoured to have a second touch-sensitive panel, which is being manufactured by E Ink Holdings.

That’s all that’s known about the tablet as yet, but we would imagine that it will run on Android, purely because it would tie in nicely with Amazon’s recently launched Amazon Android App store, as well as Amazon’s Android Kindle eBook platform.

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