Amazon Kindle price cut to combat iPad

Kindle eBook's price dropped to compete with iPad

Competition in the eBook market rises as two leading companies slash prices

The iPad is rapidly becoming one of the most eagerly wanted items of technology in the world, so you can’t really blame companies’ for jumping on the proverbial eBook bandwagon. The Kindle Wireless Reading Device, to give it its full name, was originally being sold by major companies’ for $259 (£173), although Barnes & Noble and have today slashed their retail prices down to $199 (£135), or $149 (£101) for a wi-fi only version and $189 (£128) respectively.


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Surely these extreme cuts from not one, but two, leading companies can’t just be an ad-lib move to save the public’s money; there must be a greater reason behind it. It has been claimed that the Kindle DX’s sales have dropped since the iPad was released. Now Amazon will surely be hoping that these reductions will help rekindle buyer's interest in the standalone eBook over the iPad.