Amazon Kindle on contract at Carphone Warehouse

Top notch e-reader thrown in free with mobile contracts

Top e-reader now available gratis with selected mobiles from Carphone Warehouse.

T3's top e-reader, the Amazon Kindle, is now available in the UK to Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy customers for free when they pick up a £15 contract with seleceted mobile handsets.

The free offer applies to the WiFi version of the Kindle, while the Kindle 3G will also be available with a one-off upfront charge of £15.

With the largest database of digital books in the world, the Amazon Kindle is a fave over at T3 Towers, with its glare-free e-ink screen, which not only makes reading in bright light a cinch (a bugbear of tablets such as Apple iPad that claim to also work as e-readers) but also allows the device to power along for weeks on end without a recharge.

Without the contract, a regular WiFi Kindle would set you back £111 from, with the 3G Kindle running you £152.