Amazon Kindle Library Lending service to launch

Borrow ebooks from over 11,000 local libraries in the US

Check-out books and keep your annotations

Amazon is to launch a handy new feature for its Kindle reader which will allow US owners to 'borrow' ebooks from over 11,000 local libraries across the country.

Customers will be able to check out books in their digital form their libraries free of charge and read them on Kindle devices, all of the brand's smartphone applications or on their Mac or PC.

The cool thing here is that if customers check out a book more than once, or end up buying it from the Kindle Store, all of the annotations will remain in place and will be unique to your copy of the book.

Amazon Kindle Director Jay Marine says: "We're doing a little something extra here," Marine continued. "Normally, making margin notes in library books is a big no-no. But we're extending our Whispersync technology so that you can highlight and add margin notes to Kindle books you check out from your local library.

"Your notes will not show up when the next patron checks out the book. But if you check out the book again, or subsequently buy it, your notes will be there just as you left them, perfectly Whispersynced."

Although this is a US-only service at the moment, it opens the possibilities of the services being rolled out in international markets.

Link: Kindle (via Engadget)