Amazon Kindle for iPad and iPhone update

Amazon to take on iBooks and Newsstand

Amazon is hoping to sway users away from the iPad and iPhone Newsstand and iBooks apps after adding new features to their iOS Kindle app

Amazon has released an update for the iPhone and iPad Kindle app which will see a whole host of new features aimed at tackling Apple's own Newsstand and iBooks apps.

First up is PDF support letting you view them view the Kindle app or within both Safari and Mail if you send them to your Send to Kindle email address, echoing the PDF viewing abilities of iBooks.

Next up is the support for both newspaper and magazines, directly putting the app in line to compete with Apple's latest addition alongside Apple iOS 5: Newsstand.

While it's unlikely that the app will be able to sway already die hard fans away from the likes of iBooks and Newsstand Amazon does have the advantage of being able to offer a much larger library with over 1,000,000 books compared to Apple's 700,000.

What do you think, would this persuade you away from using iBooks and Newsstand? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...