Amazon Kindle Fire price drop to make way for new model?

Amazon to keep original tablet alongside new high-res Kindle Fire 2

While the current Kindle Fire is still US-only, further news relating to its successor could herald the arrival of the first UK Android tablet from Amazon

The Amazon Kindle Fire could be getting a considerable price cut to make way for its high-res successor, or at least that's according to sources which are close to the matter.

The DigiTimes is reporting that reliable sources are claiming the Kindle Fire will received a hefty $50 price cut but will still remain on sale alongside the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

The Android eReader has been thus far elusive from the UK with Amazon still refusing to comment on whether the successor will indeed be heading to the UK.

Boasting a 7-inch screen the Kindle Fire has been extremely well received in the US with its low price point but sturdy construction and premium UI offering a balance between features and value for money.

With the Kindle Fire 2 hoping to up that with a 7-inch HD screen and significantly higher hardware credentials all eyes will be on whether Amazon will finally bring the Android eReader to the UK.

Source: DigiTimes