Amazon Kindle Fire 10-inch to ship before end of 2011?

Talk of second Fire tablet being released before Christmas

New rumours have emerged about the much-hyped 10-inch version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, with insiders claiming that the larger slate could ship by the end of 2011.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has already grabbed all the headlines this week. And the new, bargain bucket iPad basher could soon be joined by a 10-inch version, with rumours suggesting the larger tablet could ship this side of Christmas.

Digitimes has got the scoop from “inside sources” which say Foxconn will be making the 10-inch Kindle Fire and that Amazon is keen to meet “holiday demand” by getting the device on shelves before 2011 is out.

Foxconn is not making the 7-inch Kindle Fire, That job has gone to rival firm Quanta, which also assembles the BlackBerry PlayBook. If another version of the Kindle Fire is outed this year, Apple will have to pull out all the stops to ensure the iPad 3 is a world beater.

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