Amazon Game Download Store UK release in October?

Game Download Store to land with Amazon tablet?

Amazon is to launch a UK version of its Games Download Store, allowing users to download PC games straight onto their computers

Reports suggest the online retailer is looking to expand its Games Download Store (GDS) - currently operating solely in the US - with a UK store set to launch in October.

Live in the United States since February 2009, the GDS was reportedly set to launch in the UK in April this year however, it's believed that a series of undisclosed delays have pushed it back into the testing phase.

In the same way that Apple iTunes users can download music directly onto their computers, Games Download Store users can do the exact same but with PC games.

Currently offering digital and physical editions of the latest game releases, the US Amazon Game Download Store has only recently moved into distributing major PC games titles. Before it was only trading small casual games and progress was slow.

Repeated rumours have suggested that Amazon is already in the midst of planning another major launch in October with the mooted Amazon tablet, which will reportedly be running on Google’s Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system.

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Via: TechRadar