Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player official

Free digital locker service rolls out in the US

Play music from the cloud on the web or your Android phone.

Less than 24 hours after rumours of an Amazon digital locker began to swirl, the online retail giant has come clean with its plans, unveiling its new Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Cloud Drive services.

The new offerings, available in the US only for now, let punters stash up to 5GB of music on Amazon’s servers for free and play tracks back via the web or an Android phone.

If users buy just one album from Amazon MP3, that 5GB of Amazon Cloud Drive storage gets bumped up to a truly impressive 20GB. More space can be bought too, with storage plans kicking off at $20 a year for 20GB.

Music can be stashed in MP3 or AAC format, meaning DRM-free tracks from iTunes can also be loaded up onto the Cloud Drive. What’s more, albums bought from Amazon MP3 don’t count against the storage quota.

As well as being able to access and listen to tunes via the Cloud Player on the web, a Cloud Player service for Android now forms part of an updated Amazon MP3 Android app, meaning music fanatics can snag tracks from their personal online stash without having to clog up their phones.

Amazon’s new digital can also store videos, documents and photos, making it a perfect general backup solution. There’s no news on when it’ll land on these shores, but stay tuned to for news as we get it. Apple and Google are bound to be livid that their online retail rival has beaten them to the punch with this one.