Amazon Appstore includes try before you buy feature

Test Drive lets you play apps inside an Android emulator

Amazon includes a full Android emulator in its new Appstore.

Although the Android Market may have ditched its 24 hour trial period when purchasing new apps, Amazon's new Appstore allows customers to try out apps on an emulator before taking the plunge.

The new Test Drive feature makes use of a fully functioning emulator meaning that you can not only trial the app, but you can also exit it and navigate around the Android OS. You can even even browse the web - be careful though, if you navigate to the Amazon Appstore within the browser and access the emulator through there, rumour has it the Universe will implode.

The Amazon Appstore has certainly created waves since opening in the US last week: attracting attention from Apple's lawyers, undercutting Google's own market prices, offering exclusive games and now offering the coolest trial experience we've seen in an App store yet.

There's still no word from the retail giant on any plans for launching the Appstore in the UK, although we will be sure to let you know if we hear anything.

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Via: Engadget